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CARM simplified

The CBSA's Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) program is a new accounting platform being phased in by CBSA.

Our CARM Simplified blog series is intended to remove the intimidation of this new system that can otherwise feel overwhelming. So check out these easy-to-follow steps to help your business get ready. 

This starts with the registration process.

CARM Client Portal (CCP) registration 

CARM Client Portal (CCP) registration will need to be done by importers prior to Release 2 (2023). This is an online process and will require some preparation before beginning the process.

Before you begin

  • It is important to know that the first user to register your business in the portal will default to a Business Account Manager (BAM) role.

Prior to registering, determine who will be assigned this role. This role possesses the highest level of management over a business account with complete privileges and will be responsible to approve other users to the account.

  • It is also highly recommended to assign a backup BAM, in case of employee absence
  • The BAM role does not have to be assigned to an officer of the company. We suggest the active key Import Controller and Financial Payables employees be considered.  

The registration process will occur once for a business. Upon completion, a login will direct approved users into the account.    

  • Review the CCP Information sheet for information required. If required, your service provider (ie. Cole) can assist you with the transactional or financial information required for account validation.

Helping registration go smoothly

Here are some insider tips to help your process go well:

  • IMPORTANT: The CCP will time out after 20 minutes without a keystroke.
  • A lock-out will occur after 10 errors in the process. We recommend stopping the process after 7 errors and either;
    • Close the page and log back in, this will reset the attempts, or
    • Obtain assistance from your broker or CBSA support.
  • Businesses with multiple import accounts: Choose one active payable import account for the registration process. All other import accounts will be linked to your business in the registration process.
  • Businesses with multiple business registration numbers: Registration will need to occur for each business entity, each with a unique login (GCKey). 

Ready to begin registration? Let’s go!

  1. Click the link to access: CARM Client Portal Login 
  2. Be sure the page header states ‘CARM Client Portal’. If the page says ‘CBSA Portal’ it has redirected you to the wrong place! Back out and login again. 
  3. Use a GCKey or the sign-in partner to login to the CCP
    • These login methods are not interchangeable and the selected method will be used for all user logins
    • Create or use an existing CBSA Import GCKey
    • GCKey is unique to each user, per Business Account  
  4. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a one-time passcode, which will be required every time there is a login to the CCP. This passcode will be delivered by email.
  5. Create a Personal Profile. 
  6. Enter the legal entity information.
    IMPORTANT: The name and address must match CBSA’s system exactly. Refer to your business registration documents or CRA account to confirm punctuations and abbreviations.  If you find issues with the information being accepted, stop prior to your 10th error attempt and contact your broker or CBSA through the CBSA support form or call 1-800-461-9999, main menu option 2 for CARM.
  7. Choose 2 of 3 validation questions.
    • The information can be found on your Daily Notice (DN) or Statement of Account (SOA). Transaction total information can also be found on your provider’s portal or entry documentation.
    • If you are a client of Cole International and require assistance with these answers, contact us.
  8. Once registered in the CCP, approve your service provider's request for access to your account.
    • Click ‘Manage pending third party requests’  
    • Assign the appropriate role and visibility attributes for each provider. If Cole is your primary broker, we request authorization for ‘All programs’, Business Management with checks on all three levels of visibility.
    • To approve your service provider :
    • Delegation to providers can be edited at any time.
    • There is no limit to user approvals, however, it is recommended only one service provider be approved for all programs and visibility, to prevent complications on your CBSA account.
  9. A minimum of two internal BAMs is recommended to be assigned to the CCP. The second BAM, and other users, will need to be approved to the account.
    • Individual login and profiles are required for other internal users.
    • After a user creates a personal profile, they must click ‘Request access to my employer’ and enter the business registration number. The BAM will have to approve their access in the portal.
    • There is no limit to users or roles assigned, and these can change or be expired at any time.
  10. Communicate with your service provider once your BAMs are assigned and the business is registered, so they can verify they have access to your account.
    IMPORTANT: Once registered, continue your current monthly payment processes per your broker’s instructions.
    • Check with your service provider before making additional payments outside of your current processes. This will avoid overpayment or complication on your CBSA account - some amounts shown in the CPP may be already covered by your broker on your behalf. 
    • The ‘Current Open Balance’ shown on your home page is a live running balance and is not the monthly Statement of Account balance due. For monthly payments, refer to your broker’s statement and the Statement of Account.
    • CCP Registration does not activate an importer’s direct payment processes to CBSA - keep your current payment procedure with your broker in place. Cole clients: Once your company moves to a CBSA direct payment option, we’ll provide instructions regarding the monthly direct remittance.

Need more help? We've got you!

CBSA has done a great job of explaining the CARM Client Portal by topic in a CARM Playlist on YouTube. To keep it simplified, here are the order and names of videos to help specifically with your CCP Registration process:

  1. How to create login credentials 
  2. How to link a user account to a business account  
  3. How to set up delegation for a third-party provider 
  4. How to set up delegation of authority for employees 

For more information on the CCP Registration process, contact CBSA Client Support or call 1-800-461-9999 (CARM). If you are a client of Cole International and still have questions, please contact us. 

You can also visit our CARM webpage for more information and be sure to sign up for our CARM Updates.

Last but not least, CBSA's CARM Google Drive contains a library of information on CARM. We want you to be armed with as much information as possible to prepare.

CARM. It's what we do.

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