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Getting started with CARM

CARM simplified

You’ve probably heard by now that the CBSA's Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) program is a new accounting platform being phased in by CBSA. We get it! New systems can feel overwhelming, so we want to simplify CARM with easy-to-follow steps to help your business get ready. 

The first step we recommend is to get familiar with CARM. Jump over to our dedicated CARM web pages to learn all about the new platform and what the transition means for your business. 

Getting started

Next, we recommend determining who will be assigned the key CARM roles both internally and externally. 

It's also good to investigate Customs/Surety bond requirements and decide when to get this in place, as this will come into play soon too. (More on this in our next post!)

CARM’s first key change: Registration and delegation in an online portal              

When CARM is fully implemented by CBSA, there will be some key changes.

The first is that importers will be required to be registered in the CARM Client Portal (CCP) and show delegation to their service providers (ie. Cole). This is because some of the functions your customs broker provides will soon need to happen within the portal. 

To get started on delegation:

  • Review your current processes and decide who will act as the Business Account Manager(s) (BAMs), a designation used in the portal.
  • Discuss delegation roles and functions with your service providers
  • Establish which customs broker functions and services will continue to be maintained with your service provider and which ones you will begin to handle internally

Registering on the portal

The CARM Client Portal (CCP) is now available for importer registration. So get started if you haven’t already! To make this easy, you can complete the steps found on the CCP Information Sheet.

If you’d like Cole’s support, click here and we can work through the process with you.

Delegating inside the portal

Once the first user has registered the business on the CCP, they will need to grant access to additional users, internally and externally. 

Internally, it is highly recommended that an organization have a minimum of two CCP Business Account Managers who will be responsible to monitor the CCP for notifications, manage user access and functions, and communicating with providers. 

Externally, you will need to approve your service provider’s access to your CCP account. The CCP will be the platform into which many current processes will be managed, so it is important to give your service providers the appropriate access.

  • If your service provider has already sent you a request, you will see it in the 'Manage pending third party request tab' on your home screen. Once you have confirmed the provider’s involvement in your imports, accept the request. Speak to your provider regarding the appropriate role and visibility appropriate for import services.  

For more information on all things CARM, visit our CARM webpage.

CARM. It's what we do.

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