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Overseas data processing: A means to an end or an END to a means?

Though we, as a company, do not engage in overseas data processing – mostly based on principle – there are many companies in the Canadian brokerage industry that certainly do, and we would be remiss not to address this growing trend in our business. Let's discuss the actual reasoning behind overseas data processing.

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Why Incoterms Matter: Stop Leaving Your Profits in Others' Pockets

They're not legal terminology, so why should you care about using Incoterms?

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Are logistics acronyms getting more confusing or is it just me?

The simple answer is: No. It's not just you. Logistics providers have the same difficulty in communication as any other intensely regulated industry: no one outside their industry has a clue what people are saying. Consider this: Are you ANSI about the COGS in DC being DOA? What are they EFTA? There oughta be a PACT.

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