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Freight updates September 14, 2022: latest news and updates on the worldwide supply chain


The worldwide supply chain is constantly changing. Now, two years into the pandemic-related global capacity crunch, high prices, delays, and port congestion persist. These updates will share some of the latest freight news, so we can keep you abreast of the situation. 

Shipping lines and container owners in US struggle to return empty containers to China

Empty containers are piling up at depots in the U.S. and Europe as container owners struggle to return boxes to China amidst the peak shipping season. Read more here.

Federal cash infusion kicks off major expansion for air freight at Edmonton

Having received a fresh infusion of money from Ottawa, Edmonton International Airport is preparing for a massive expansion of its cargo infrastructure. Read more here.

9-week decline in DOE/EIA diesel price ends on big jump

The benchmark Department of Energy/ Energy Information Administration diesel price moved up Monday after a nine-week run of price decreases. Read more here.

Only 8 ships waiting off Southern California

The epic container ship traffic jam has almost vanished as number of container ships waiting for berth in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach is at its lowest. Read more here.

Cathay Pacific predicts weak peak for cargo as China output slumps

Between a heat wave and new COVID lockdowns, Chinese factories and air exports are slowing down. Read more here.

America's freight trains are in trouble

The U.S. railway system is a mess, and only going to get worse according to an in-depth report. Anticipated snarls due to this could make COVID-19 issues seem tame in comparison. Read more here.

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