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Freight update October 2021: latest news and updates on the worldwide supply chain 

The worldwide supply chain is constantly changing. This year, there has been a global capacity crunch with prices rising and ongoing container shortages persisting. These monthly updates will share some of the latest freight forwarding news, so we can keep you abreast of the situation. 

Passenger airlines learn the value of freightNews_13624681_s

Although the Air Transport Association hasn’t always valued cargo, the pandemic taught airline executives that shipping goods can be profitable with more focused service. Read more...

Global summit examines trade disruptions since start of the pandemic

The world’s largest regulatory agencies overseeing international container trades met remotely to discuss rampant supply chain disruptions as carriers and their customers brace for more turmoil during the fall peak shipping season. Read more...

Why you should do your holiday shopping today

With supply chain issues extending all the way from sourcing and production to last-mile delivery, retailers face a host of issues. Experts are recommending shoppers make their holiday purchases months in advance. Read more...

Dept. of Transportation probes container and chassis shortages

The Biden administration is asking a “broad range of stakeholders” involved with moving freight to help solve the USA's container and intermodal chassis shortages while also trying to alleviate supply chain chokepoints. Read more...

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