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The value of a good customs broker

Successfully navigating through government regulations, compliance requirements, and international trade trends is a top priority for importers. A customs broker serves as a vital source of trade knowledge, providing a high-value service for companies looking to stay ahead of the curve.

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Bi-weekly Freight Updates - April: latest news and updates on the worldwide supply chain

The worldwide supply chain is constantly changing. As we continue dealing with the fallout of pandemic-related supply chain issues, fluctuations in prices, labour disruptions, logistic delays, and port congestion persist. We provide you with freight updates that include some of the latest industry news, helping to.

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Shipping goods during spring thaw

Carriers shipping goods across Canada and the northern U.S. during spring can face difficult driving conditions and significant truck weight limitations. Rapid temperature changes during the spring thaw cause some roads to weaken, making them unsuitable for heavy freight.

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