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Maintaining Your Records

Customs compliance is an essential part of every import business. Being compliant means being aware of – and abiding by – the laws and policies regulating imports and exports. Savvy importers adopt comprehensive company-wide compliance practices and keep on top of regulatory changes to adapt as necessary.
Maintaining records is a must
Maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of import activities is the foundation of Customs compliance – and doing so will ensure you’re prepared to respond in the event of an audit.
CBSA (the Canadian Border Services Agency) requires importers to maintain detailed import records at their place of business for the previous six years plus the current year. Importers may request authorization from the CBSA to maintain their records at other locations within and outside of Canada – such as with a customs broker or at a business address located outside of the country.
See CBSA’s Maintenance of records in Canada by importers memorandum for more information.
One of the best ways to ensure your records are properly maintained and that you’re prepared for an audit is to team up with a customs broker.
We can help
Cole International has brokers on both sides of the border with extensive knowledge and experience in records maintenance and customs compliance.
We can submit import records to the appropriate agencies on your behalf and assist in keeping your records accurate, up-to-date and accessible in the event of an audit.
See our Why Maintain Your Records fact sheet for more information on our services. Or...
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Information provided by: Customs Brokerage Dept. - Cole International
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