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CBSA Acronyms - Part 2


Customs and acronyms – A match made in heaven?
Every industry has its jargon and insider-speak. Shipping and logistics is no different. Thankfully, when you get bogged down in letters that just don’t add up, help is at hand – your friendly Cole customs broker will gladly field your questions; CBSA’s “frequently used” acronym list is online, and our own blog pages have some answers, too.
BP_CBSA_acronyms_part_2_46594763_sWe’re putting out a series of blogs that clarify some of the hundreds of acronyms used by the CBSA. Don’t worry – we’ll keep them short and sweet. And if you still have questions, call us.
Instalment 2: Acts and more acts – CBSA legislation
A number of pieces of federal legislation are of interest to CBSA - whether under CBSA's purview or because they factor indirectly into its responsibilities at the border. Have a look at these and click on the link for even more information on each one.
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Information provided by: Canadian Customs Dept. - Cole International
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