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How does transfer pricing impact importers in Canada?

Transfer pricing can be a vital strategic tool for companies that create goods or provide services in multiple countries. A multinational enterprise (MNE) that imports goods from a business group in another country to a related group in Canada can strategically plan the price of these intra-group transaction to.

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Bi-weekly Freight Updates - May: latest news and updates on the worldwide supply chain

The worldwide supply chain is constantly changing. As we continue dealing with the fallout of pandemic-related supply chain issues, fluctuations in prices, labour disruptions, logistic delays, and port congestion persist. We provide you with freight updates that include some of the latest industry news, helping to.

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CBSA compliance verification trends - May 2024

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) prioritizes certain industries and products for audits to ensure ongoing compliance verification. Cole’s Audit Response Unit keeps track of CBSA trade compliance verification trends that we see emerging throughout the year. We share our industry knowledge regularly to keep you.

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Exporting guide for Canada – 10 essentials for exporters

Canadian exporters benefit from friendly trade relations with many nations. Exporting in Canada facilitates access to high-value markets across the world, including more than a trillion dollars worth of trade with the United States. Getting the exporting process right is a crucial part of profiting from Canada’s.

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