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How do you export?

Posted by Customs Brokerage Department - Cole International on Oct 15, 2017 10:13:00 AM
As an exporter, you may find government compliance requirements confusing, feel uncertain about who is responsible for costs and risks during transit and wonder whether you’ve adequately packed and insured your goods.
How do you export?
If so, check out our latest video blog where we offer our tips for taking the headache out of exporting. These include:
  • First, accept that you can’t know everything about every international market since regulations are constantly changing.
  • Team up with a professional, competent freight forwarder to help you understand your export compliance responsibilities and any associated costs.
  • Ask your freight forwarder for suggestions or requirements regarding export packaging.
  • Discuss shipping terms of sale with your foreign customers to ensure the appropriate terms are selected.
  • Carefully review all buyer and seller purchase orders and purchase order acknowledgments to ensure they make sense and don’t contain any conflicting or contradictory language.
  • Speak with your company’s insurance agent to understand any existing coverage you have, and identify areas where additional coverage may be required.
Following these tips will help you understand your responsibilities and have confidence in the process, leading to the following benefits to your company:
  • The ability to identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve service, thereby improving your overall customer service levels.
  • Fewer misunderstandings, disagreements and a lower chance of costly litigation between your company, vendors and customers.
  • A more stable business operation with longer lasting vendor/customer relationships.
Here at Cole, we have extensive experience with exporting goods from Canada and the U.S. to international markets around the world. We always consider cost-effective delivery solutions to suit your company’s needs and we offer extensive international service options through a network of professional worldwide agents.
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