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Freight update July 2021: latest news and updates on the worldwide supply chain

The worldwide supply chain is constantly changing. This year, there has been a global capacity crunch with prices rising and ongoing container shortages persisting. These monthly updates will share some of the latest freight forwarding news, so we can keep you abreast of the situation. 

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CARM: Cole's latest updates for importers

CARM Release 1 has rolled out and importers and customs brokers alike have begun to register and use the CARM Client Portal (CCP). 

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CBSA Verification Priorities: July 2021

Are your goods on it? The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) targets specific industries and products for extra attention at the border to ensure importers are compliant with requirements for tariff classification, product valuation and country of origin.

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Single Window Initiative (SWI): Survival Guide for ECCC Wildlife Enforcement

The new SWI landscape The Single Window Initiative means several changes for importers:

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8 ways to tell if you’ve got a great customs broker

You don’t just want any customs broker—you want a great customs broker. A truly great broker is your powerhouse at the border.

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