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Freight forwarder vs. customs broker vs. full-service logistics provider

Are freight forwarders the same as customs brokers? What’s the difference? And what is a full-service logistics provider anyway?

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Important changes to the Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS)

On April 1, 2019, increased penalty fees for 22 of the 152 AMPS contraventions were announced. Why? The Auditor General of Canada criticized the CBSA’s penalties for being too low to improve compliance with trade programs. The new stiffer fines are intended to keep commercial clients walking the straight and narrow.

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Cole’s Guide to the New Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR)

The Government of Canada released its new Safe Food for Canadians Act and Regulations on January 15, 2019. Consolidating 14 sets of food regulations into one, the updates aim to overcome risks and challenges related to the speed, volume and complexity of current food production. Some requirements (such as licensing).

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7 Strategies to Reduce Shipping Costs

Reducing shipping costs is always top of mind when your business relies on moving goods. Whether you’re shipping within one country, across the border, or across the ocean, here are Cole’s top strategies to reduce shipping costs.

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