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Cargo Insurance: Are you covered?

All kinds of little things can go wrong to delay or damage your goods while in transit. And since a lot of those things are outside of your control – doesn’t it make sense to insure your goods, just in case?
Are your shipments protected with the proper cargo insurance?
The cost to businesses of natural disasters, manmade errors, mechanical problems, or unintentional mistakes can be devastating.
So, even though no one can guarantee problems won’t happen, you can take steps to protect yourself from a substantial financial loss due to mishaps along the supply chain. One important precaution you can take to mitigate against a damaging financial hit is to insure your shipment with a solid cargo insurance policy.
Cargo insurance provides compensation should cargo fail to arrive safely at its destination. Policies vary in cost and coverage, depending on your needs. Insurance can be applied to land, marine, or air shipments – or a combination of these – and can cover international or domestic shipping.
Regardless of the type of shipment or mode of transport, shippers should review their cargo coverage needs with their insurance provider.
Consult a provider with an extensive background and a good reputation who can help you understand the variables at play and choose the right policy. Make sure the insurance policy can protect your cargo over its entire journey, and covers all modes of transportation you’ll use.
For detailed information, contact your Logistics Coordinator. For more general information, contact us today to discuss the best way to ensure the safe shipment of your goods.
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