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Two actions you can take to avoid costly delays with your freight

Want to avoid costly delays with your freight? Get proactive when it comes to your shipping needs by taking these two actions.

There are many parties involved in a multimodal cargo move, and even more so when the cargo you are moving is not considered "standard" or "cookie cutter."

It is all too easy to push things until the last minute, but often by then, it's too late to be strategic and get the best pricing or options. Shipping things at the last minute can mean missing out on getting the best price you can. And "just in time" shipments like these can be costly and incur delays if not booked in advance. Learn more here: Why all these delays?!

Large project moves can also be impacted by seasonal limitations, road bans, and travel restrictions as well as availability factors for specialized equipment. Standard cargo moving containerized materials are impacted by events, (e.g. Chinese New Year), as well as being subject to peak season surcharges.

Knowing there are so many moving parts and external influences that can make or break the success of your shipment, what are two things you can do to turn your shipping experience into a proactive, not reactive, one?

The solution is simple: Plan early and firm up your timelines by involving your freight forwarder in the process as early as possible.

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Our freight forwarders regularly work with a variety of carriers to get products from origin to destination. Availability, price and service commitments provided at the time of quoting can and do change.

At Cole, with every freight forwarding quote we provide, we strive to adapt to and keep within your desired budget. Then, once in process, we continue to ensure clear communication as we navigate any speed bumps along the way.

With good advance planning and notice, freight forwarders can assist you by:

  • Improving and meeting or exceeding timelines
  • Providing better, more robust options with which to move your shipments
  • Reducing your overall costs (Learn more here.)
  • Maximizing the effectiveness of your logistics
  • Assisting with transportation requirements (as viewed through a logistics-driven lens)
  • Ensuring concerns are addressed well in advance of shipment

Firm up the timelines

Freight forwarders also play a vitally helpful role when it comes to meeting your deadlines. When you work with a freight forwarder in the early stages, together you can firm up timelines and deadlines in a way that anticipates and gets ahead of issues like seasonal limitations or events that might impact the movement of your cargo.

Having your dates and deadlines firm and ready helps forwarders negotiate the best price and determine the most appropriate service offerings to have your products landed on time and within budget.

Help us help you

If you have experienced delays in forwarding or simply want to manage your freight forwarding experience for maximum effectiveness, working with a freight forwarder can help immensely. Beyond these, here are eight more reasons to work with a freight forwarder

Bringing your freight forwarder into the loop early on will save you time, money and headaches down the road. What can you do to leverage this relationship?

Here is what you can do to help your freight forwarder help you:

  • Connect with them as early in the process as possible
  • Outline your plans clearly
  • Draw the bigger picture of your needs and desires for the project so the freight forwarders have time to be creative in finding appropriate solutions.

Ready to connect with a seasoned professional who can guide you through all the steps of your cargo’s journey?

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