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Why all these shipping delays?!

"Why are my shipments delayed again due to port congestion?" It’s the number one question we’re getting these days here and Cole—so we thought we’d address it head-on.

It’s not uncommon currently for transit times to be more than 60 days when a year ago they were 20 days.


Even if your trade is local, this is a global issueCargo_138004060_s

Even if you’re shipping at a small scale or only forwarding freight domestically, you are being impacted by the big picture. Namely: global supply chain uncertainty, especially with ocean and air freight. 

We are seeing continued port congestion at major sea ports—Vancouver being the primary port for Canadian importers—resulting in increased supply chain costs. 

Container shortages are still driving up supply chain costs. 

And, there is continued uncertainty of when global supply chains will start to see a correction due to the ongoing challenges faced with the pandemic, and now the Russia-Ukraine conflict. 

So, while these issues began two years ago, they are still not resolved and we’re still seeing delays and higher costs.

What should you do?

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