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What’s the auditor cooking?

The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) undertakes trade compliance verifications (audits) to ensure their requirements are being met and the correct duty collected. Audits are conducted both randomly and by identifying goods of interest through targeted verifications.
About twice a year, the CBSA publishes its trade verification (audit) priorities. The latest list came out in January and can be found in its entirety on the CBSA website.
What's the auditor cooking?
The most recent items added to this list are:
  • olive oil
  • photographic film
  • stone blocks and slabs
  • railway equipment and
  • sausages and similar products.
If you’re importing any of the targeted items, pay extra attention to your import practices and customs paperwork because they’ll be subject to special scrutiny. Any mistakes or omissions can result in duty assessments and penalties, disruptions in your supply chain and border delays – and possibly losing your “good importer” status with CBSA.
Knowledge and preparation are key
To be fully compliant and prepared to respond to an audit, you should:
  • Keep your product database up to date, paying special attention to the items included in the updated audit priorities list (see above) and the HS Classification Numbers (see the Concordance Customs Tariff Table).
  • Take immediate corrective action as needed if your goods do appear on the priority list.
  • Consider preparing a compliance manual to standardize internal control measures – using in-house knowledge if available, or in cooperation with a customs professional.
  • Consult your customs broker or compliance specialist to help with any logistical concerns or uncertainties.
Our Consulting Department and Audit Response Unit have extensive knowledge and expertise in these areas. Email us today to get in contact with one of our customs professionals with any questions about your import business.
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Information provided by: Canadian Consulting Dept. - Cole International
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