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What exactly does a freight forwarder do… and do I need one?

Posted by Freight Forwarding Dept. - Cole International on Mar 21, 2018 7:43:00 AM
Importing and exporting are key activities for many businesses. But the process, paperwork, and regulations involved in international trade can be very complex – intimidating, even. Many successful international shippers avoid getting bogged down in these logistics by working with a freight forwarder.
A freight forwarder is an agent who acts on behalf of an individual or company to organize the transportation of goods. Forwarders make use of established relationships with carriers (over air, land, ocean and rail) to negotiate the best rates for moving goods safely and efficiently.
What exactly does a freight forwarder
The roles of a freight forwarder include:
  • preparing and filing transport and customs documents to ensure compliance with all regulations and requirements 
  • packing, crating and warehousing of goods in transit
  • transport tracking
  • negotiating freight charges
  • booking cargo space
  • freight consolidation
  • protecting against mishaps through cargo insurance (and taking care of any subsequent filing of insurance claims, if needed)
…and, at the final destination, the freight forwarder (or their agent) can provide document delivery, deconsolidation, and freight collection services.
Savvy companies large and small make use of freight forwarders’ experience and knowledge of documentation requirements, customs regulations, transportation costs and logistics to ease the process of moving goods around the globe.
With offices in the U.S. and Canada, and over 50 years of experience, our logistics professionals can take the stress out of international shipping. Freight forwarding: It’s what we do.
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Information provided by: Freight Dept. - Cole International