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Understanding Customs Compliance

Customs compliance… It sounds important, doesn’t it? Well, it sure is!
You’ve certainly heard of customs compliance, but do you fully understand what’s involved?
Maybe you’re worried it’ll take too much time away from your business… Or that it’s too large of a financial burden.
What it is
Customs compliance involves being aware of – and abiding by – the laws and policies regulating cross-border trade. This means knowing what’s required by Canada Customs (CBSA) and/or U.S. Customs (CBP).
Compliance is a process that must be continually monitored due to ongoing changes in the regulatory and business environments.
Your job
As an importer or exporter of goods across the Canada-U.S. border, you must stay current with customs requirements because they can – and do – change regularly. When this happens, you’ll need to understand how any changes will affect you and, if necessary, make changes to your company’s practices to remain compliant.
Customs compliance requires a commitment from all your staff – from top executives to shipping and receiving personnel – to ensure all of your company’s activities are in line with all the requirements.
Listen up!
Our most important message to you is: know the impact of customs compliance on your business. It can make the difference between having a reliable supply chain and a profitable business or having an unreliable one that’s marred by delays and penalties.
A company-wide commitment to customs compliance will pay off with:
  • fewer complications with customs agencies
  • a lower risk of penalties on imported and exported products
  • fewer delays on the import or export of your goods
  • greater certainty of the final landed cost of your goods
  • a more positive profile with Canada and/or U.S. Customs
We can help
Our consultants have extensive knowledge around the customs regulations that apply to specific industries and are experienced at understanding what works and what doesn’t in a variety of situations.
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