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Shipping and Freight Rates

Have you ever priced out the cost of shipping your goods and widely different quotes or received quotes that fluctuate from one week to the next. What’s going on?
The cost of shipping goods is determined by many factors – starting with the basic variables of distance and mode of transport. Not to be overlooked, though, are other factors like the weight and dimensions of your shipment. Here, we break down shipping freight rates and why they vary.

Why the big differences in shipping rates?

Generally, the total volume of a package has a greater impact than its weight when it comes to calculating shipping cost. This means that, oftentimes, a large and bulky – but lightweight – item may cost more to ship than a heavier but more compact one.
Freight rates can change over time, too, and from one shipment to the next due to external factors like global oil prices, shipping supply, international currency fluctuations, space and equipment availability and seasonal surcharges (e.g. leading into the busy holiday season).
So, whatever the current prices and conditions, don’t count on things staying the same for long.
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What about online shipping & logistics companies?

Some shippers are turning to online e-commerce providers that offer seemingly cut-rate shipping services.
Shippers who elect to use online shipping services, however, should carefully consider the pros and cons of doing so. It can be risky to entrust your business needs with an impersonal online provider that hasn’t stood the test of time.
Although the up-front costs of going the online route may seem low, don’t overlook the value of dealing with a company staffed by folks with personalized knowledge of your business needs. 

Is there any way to simplify this?

Sure! This is the reason freight forwarders are here. If you want the comfort that comes with having a trusted partner who understands the ins and outs of shipping and logistics, consider partnering with an expert in the business. Our experienced freight forwarding team keeps current on the state of the shipping industry and understands the variables that can affect shipping rates so you don’t have to.
With decades of experience in providing shipping and freight solutions, we're here to help. For detailed information, contact your Logistics Coordinator. For more general information, email us today to discuss the best way to ensure the safe shipment of your goods.
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Information provided by: Freight Dept. - Cole International
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