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Shipping congestion in China – It might affect you

The world’s busiest shipping port in Shanghai, China is experiencing severe congestion in recent weeks. High volume, weather and industry realignment are causing delays affecting numerous companies worldwide.
Owing to several factors, ships are waiting much longer than usual to dock at Shanghai terminals – in some cases up to three or four days.
Shipping congestion in China
  • Recent mergers and realignments among several of the world’s largest shipping companies are taking effect and the ensuing adjustments to their schedules are paying havoc with the supply chain.
  • In anticipation of shipping rate increases taking effect on May 1, shippers had readied as much product as possible for shipment before the increase.
  • Recently completed upgrades to the Yangtze River has enabled quicker and easier access to Shanghai.
  • A long stretch of fog in the Shanghai area is also slowing maritime traffic.
The impacts of the number one factor – shipping industry restructuring – are not yet fully understood. However, there are likely to be hiccups along the way as things settle out and there may well be impacts to transit and processing times in the interim.
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Information provided by: Freight Department - Cole International
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