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Registered in the CARM portal, but confused about delegation?

CARM simplified

The CBSA's Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) program is a new accounting platform being phased in by CBSA. 

Our CARM Simplified blog series has been designed to remove the intimidation of this new system that can otherwise sometimes feel overwhelming. So check out this next step to help your business get ready. 

For a complete list of these steps to take to preparation for CARM, visit our CARM webpage.

CARM delegation

So, you’ve registered within the CARM Client Portal (CCP) but need a little more help with the delegation process? Let us help!

Some things to know about delegation:

  1. In case of staff absence or login issues, we recommend you have a minimum of 2 (two) Business Account Managers (BAMs) for your CARM Client Portal (CCP). 
  2. Make sure your BAMs create a unique login, and then request access to the account. There is no limit to the number of BAMs that can be assigned to a CCP account.
  3. We recommend that your primary service provider is given BAM access with all three levels of visibility. This access will allow them to provide continued service and transactional support within the CCP. Although there is no limit to delegating the same level of access to another provider, this could cause duplication or issues with your account. We recommend full access granted to your primary broker, and Program Account Management with the defaulted transactional visibility to others.
  4. If your service provider cannot see your business in their online portal, this means their access request has not been approved by your company. 
  5. In the 'Manage pending third party request tab' on your home screen, you will find that your service provider has sent you a request. Please confirm their current involvement, then accept the request and allocate all three levels. 
  6. You may see requests from businesses you currently do not work with. You may reject their request or leave the request pending. 
  7. It is important to assign which internal BAM will manage users and review their access status on a regular basis. 

Some more resources

For a better understanding of the delegation process and these roles, here is the CCP Delegation chart and the CARM Release 1 User Guide.

CBSA also provides some great videos to assist with registration and delegation:

For CBSA’s CCP registration assistance contact CBSA Client Support or call 1-800-461-9999 (CARM), press 2 from the main menu. If you are a client of Cole International and still have questions, please email us

Don't forget to visit our CARM webpage for more information on everything CARM and subscribe to our CARM Updates to stay in the know.

CARM. It's what we do.

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