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Take charge of the shipping process to improve your success rate at the border and beyond

We hear concerns from importers and exporters every day. Concerns such as…
"My carrier had to wait at the border, causing delays for not just my shipment but all the shipments on the truck."
"My air shipment arrived and was not accepted by CBSA so it didn’t clear until the next day. I might as well have sent it by truck!"
"I didn’t realize another government agency was involved that required additional paperwork at the border. Now I’m behind in getting product to my customers."
"I received a bill for storage and carrier wait time after my shipment reached its destination. Once those costs were factored in, I lost money!"
It may seem like delays and glitches are a fact of life when shipping goods around the world. But they don't have to be. Oftentimes, problems can be prevented by following two general rules:
  • Take the utmost care in ensuring all the necessary customs documentation and paperwork is in order, and
  • Foster a close and trusting relationship with your customs broker.
What can you do?
If you prepare your shipment with an eye for detail and are thoroughly organized, in addition to connecting with a trusted broker, you will greatly reduce your chances of getting hit with unexpected costs or delays.
Follow these tips for the best chance of success:
  • Ensure you understand which documents are required for release of your goods at the border.
  • If you are shipping a new product for the first time, check with your broker to make sure you have all that's required for customs clearance.
  • Don't count on someone else in the supply chain to send and properly document your shipment. If you can do it yourself, do so - you’ll have better control of the outcome.
  • Maintain constant communication with the transportation firm(s) involved in carrying your goods.
Customs Broker
  • Choose a broker that uses mobile apps that connect to carriers and offer at-the-moment information on a shipment's status.
  • Choose a broker with a strong local presence to ensure any problems that may arise can be resolved quickly and easily.
  • Email the required documents and/or set up an electronic interface with your broker; don’t rely on an outdated carrier fax system that can be prone to quality and communication issues.
We understand that you need your goods to arrive on time and on budget. Let us help make sure you meet success at the border and throughout the shipping chain. Find out how by getting in touch with one of our trusted professionals.
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Information provided by: Canadian Customs Consulting Dept. - Cole International
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