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Freight updates May 23, 2023: latest news and updates on the worldwide supply chain

The worldwide supply chain is constantly changing. Now, as we continue dealing with the fallout of pandemic-related supply chain issues, fluctuations in prices, labour disruptions, delays, and port congestion persist. These updates will share some of the latest freight news, so we can keep you abreast of the dynamic landscape that is the global supply chain. 

When Alberta wildfires shut down roads, truckers wait

More than 100 wildfires continue to burn in Alberta and thousands are still displaced. As thousands of evacuees flee their homes, truckers on the road are feeling the pressure of being stuck. Read more.  

Truckers paying price for lower Vancouver container volumes

Cargo and container volumes have been sliding at the Port of Vancouver since late 2022, following months of backlogs and congestion, and the truckers who serve it are paying the price. Read more.

Canadian trucking officials call for end to Driver Inc. scam

A group of officials representing Canada’s trucking industry held a joint news conference in Ottawa on Tuesday calling on the government to “stop the atrocities being inflicted on thousands of drivers” through a business model known as Driver Inc. Read more.

WestJet averts pilot strike, agrees to new contract

WestJet, the second-largest passenger airline in Canada (that recently added freighter service in North America) and the union representing 1,850 pilots reached a last-minute agreement in principle May 18th on a new labour contract, thereby avoiding a strike that would have shut down business. Read more.

Benefits of slow steaming on emissions exaggerated, studies find

The emission benefits of slow-steaming may have been “grossly overestimated”, according to studies by Simpson Spence & Young, corroborated by research from Clarksons last week. Read more.

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