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Freight updates December 14, 2022: latest news and updates on the worldwide supply chain


The worldwide supply chain is constantly changing. Now, as we continue dealing with the fallout of pandemic-related supply chain issues, fluctuations in prices, labour disruptions, delays, and port congestion persist. These updates will share some of the latest freight news, so we can keep you abreast of the dynamic landscape that is the global supply chain. 

IBM and Maersk to shut down TradeLens supply chain platform

IBM and shipping giant Maersk confirmed they are shutting down their blockchain-based trading platform, saying that TradeLens had not reached the level of commercial viability necessary to continue operating and meet the financial expectations as an independent business. Read more.

Rail unions decry Biden's call for Congress to block strike

After calling for Congress to move immediately to block a strike by more than 100,000 union members at the nation's freight railroads, President Biden found himself in the unusual position of being praised by business interests while also attacked by his allies in the labour movement. Read more

U.S. manufacturing orders from China down 40% in unrelenting demand collapse

U.S. manufacturing orders in China are down 40% according to the latest data. Because of the decrease, Worldwide Logistics anticipates Chinese factories to shut down two weeks earlier than usual for the Chinese Lunar New Year (Jan. 21, 2023). Read more

Polar Air Cargo faces forwarder claims of racketeering and fraud

A forwarding customer of Polar Air Cargo, subsidiary of Atlas Air (51%) and DHL Express (49%) is suing it for $6 million in losses. There are eight allegations made, including racketeering, fraud, conspiracy and unfair trade practices. Read more

Robo truckers and the AI-fuelled future of transport

Economists and policymakers are becoming increasingly concerned about the effects of automation and artificial intelligence on employment, including whether some kinds of jobs will cease to exist at all. Read more

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