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EDI: Electronic Data Interchange

EDI (electronic data interchange) is the electronic exchange of business data in a standardized format between trading partners and 
with customs agencies. It replaces paper-based document exchanges of the past and offers the benefits of lower costs, increased transaction speed, improved accuracy, and smoother transactions.
EDI Electronic data
In the world of Customs, faster data transfer means faster shipments. And the less time you spend documenting and transporting your shipments, the healthier your bottom line.
We have extensive experience using automated data exchange to help businesses meet their data-transfer requirements quickly and easily. Our EDI program works with a variety of data formats using various data communication protocols, meaning we will be sure to have the right fit for every business.
Features of our EDI service include:
  • Efficient, automated data exchange in the format that suits each business
  • The ability to easily generate electronic reports for importer accounts 
  • The capability to map files to a company’s system in the suitable format
  • The flexibility to transfer EDI documents using a Value-Added Network (VAN), File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or an automated email solution 
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Information provided by: Customs Brokerage Dept. - Cole International 
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