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Customs audits and compliance

Customs verifications (a.k.a. audits) are serious matters, and their impact on a business can be significant. You never know if or when Customs will come calling, but you can conduct your business to be prepared to weather an audit with minimal disruption.
Customs compliance involves being aware of – and abiding by – the laws and policies regulating cross-border trade. Savvy importers 
will implement compliance practices consistently across their company to insure against unnecessary risk and liability. They will also update and monitor compliance practices to keep step with ongoing changes in the regulatory and business environments.
Customs verifications don’t have to be scary. If you’re prepared and your transactions are properly documented from start to finish, an audit can be relatively low-impact. One of the best ways to ensure you’re prepared is to have a customs consultant in your corner.
We can help
As soon as Customs contacts you requesting information about your import activities, contact your consultant to discuss the request and the best way to respond.
No matter the size or scope of an audit, our Audit Response Unit will help you achieve the best possible outcome. Our experienced consultants can answer any questions about the process and ensure your interests are upheld.
We have staff on both sides of the border with extensive knowledge are experience navigating the verification process. Let us work with you to make the best of any Customs verification.
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Information provided by: Audit Response Unit (ARU) - Cole International
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