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CBSA Verification Priorities - January 2024


Are your goods on the verification priorities list?

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) targets specific industries and products for extra attention at the border to ensure importers are compliant with requirements for tariff classification, product valuation and country of origin.

CBSA’s list of targeted verification priorities is updated on an ongoing basis. The current list, published January 2024, is now available on the CBSA website.

It contains 14 types of goods targeted to ensure correct tariff classification and one type of goods identified for valuation. Bedding and drapery are goods newly targeted for origin verifications. target46017536_m_normal_none

Two more new items on the verification priorities list are:

  • Bags (Verification priority released in July 2023, results not yet available)
  • Spent fowl (Verification priority released in September 2023, results not yet available)

Please carefully review the 2024 Verification Priorities list to see if your goods are on it.

If you’re importing any targeted items, pay extra attention to your import practices and customs paperwork. Any errors or inconsistencies can result in extra duty and penalties, disruptions to your supply chain, border delays and loss of good importer status with the CBSA.

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