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CARM features and release updates

Posted by CDN Customs Consulting Dept. - Cole International on Apr 13, 2020 9:30:00 AM

Special Notice: CBSA announced on April 21, 2020 the implementation of Release 1 has be pushed back to January 2021 (previously fall 2020) due to COVID-19.


CARM, the CBSA’s Customs Assessment and Revenue Management project introduces a suite of new online tools that will transform and streamline the process of importing commercial goods into Canada.

CARM also represents some significant process changes for importers.

With the implementation of CARM’s online client portal, importers will be required to register for access to the portal and undertake greater involvement to manage their own customs activities and profiles. This means a changing dynamic between importers and customs brokers.

The multi-year initiative is being rolled out in a series of three releases:

Release 0

An internal process for the CBSA as they transition their accounting platform into the CARM software. Will be completed shortly with no impact on importers at all.

Release 1CARM_MondayBlog

Released in late fall, early winter of 2020. Features of this release are outlined below.

Release 2

Slated for late spring/early summer 2021. Features outlined below.

Release 1 features

  • Online CARM Client Portal (CCP) goes live
  • Tools for importers to see their amounts owing, manage their accounts and make payments to CBSA
  • Self-service tools for invoicing and payments

Release 2 features

  • New electronic commercial accounting declaration that will replace the current customs coding form (B3) and request for adjustment form (B2)
  • New features to the payment and billing processes allowing importers to make corrections and adjustments
  • Changes to the Release Prior to Payment Program (RPP) will require importers to post their own surety bonds directly with CBSA to secure their commercial imports.

Read about CARM’s features in detail here.

Cole’s guidance on CARM Release 1

We will be updating you as the information gets finalized in advance of CARM’s releases. In the meantime, our advice is to:

  1. Plan to set up your CCP account early as there will be thousands of importers accessing the system and potentially creating backlogs.
  2. Get your customs bond now, or as early as possible. Read more about bonds here.
  3. Check out our new CARM webpages with frequently updated information and guidance from Cole’s Customs department. These pages include detailed information on how CARM impacts importers and what steps you can take to prepare.

CARM represents a shift in importer engagement and responsibility within the import process. It also changes how you’ll work with your customs broker. However, there are real benefits to this streamlined system. Cole’s customs experts are on top of the new CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management system and we’re ready to help you prepare.

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