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Canada’s trucker shortage: is immigration the answer?

Why is there a truck driver shortage?

In Canada, the truck driver shortage has been a fairly long-standing issue. According to recent reports coming out of the Canadian Trucking Alliance, it has been mainly due to the fact that nearly 25% of transport truck drivers are in the 55 – 64 years of age group and getting set to retire in the coming years. 

Based on data and analysis provided by Statistics Canada, the Canadian trucking industry is facing an estimated shortage of some 48,000 long-haul truck drivers by 2024.

What’s the solution?Truck Driver_58825652_s

In Canada, logistics and trucking firms as industry associations are working jointly on general recruiting programs to bolster their labour force. This isn’t necessarily a problem unique to trucking and the logistics industry—labour shortages are being faced across industries worldwide right now.

Immigration may be a potential and unique way to sustain the labour force in the trucking industry.

Trucking firms, private recruiting companies, and industry associations like the Canadian Trucking Alliance are actively working with Immigration Canada and provincial governments to source and sponsor qualified foreign long-haul drivers. 

These initiatives are promoted through provincial nomination programs. Qualified nominees are usually recruited through the temporary foreign worker program sponsored by Immigration Canada. They receive a work visa and, depending on the province, can transition to permanent residence. 

Impact of trucker shortages

Trucker shortages have caused delays that, added to the shortage of raw materials and components we’re seeing globally, means that in general, supply chains require longer lead times. In many ways, the trucker shortage is a microcosm of the global supply and labour issues facing all industries currently. 

Industry and government are collaborating on solutions and working to adapt to this new economic environment. 

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