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Canada-U.S. trade in uncertain times

Posted by CDN Customs Consulting Dept. - Cole International on Feb 15, 2017 8:30:00 AM
Are you wondering how the political changes underway in the U.S. will affect your cross-border trade? If you are concerned that you may not continue to enjoy smoothborder crossings… We don’t blame you!
Given the uncertain direction of U.S. international trade – but knowing that things are not likely to get easier for U.S. trading partners – now is an excellent time to do what you can to solidify your position and reputation as a solid and trusted trade partner.
Canada-U.S. trade in uncertain times
One way you can do this is by enhancing your supply chain security.
Many companies have taken advantage of the voluntary supply chain security programs offered by the Canadian and U.S. customs agencies:
  • Partners in Protection (PIP) on the Canadian side, and
  • The Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (or C-TPAT) on the U.S. side.
These programs are explained more fully in an earlier blog on Supply Chain Security.
Enrollment in C-TPAT & PIP is voluntary at this time; however, getting on board now is strongly advised as there is a good chance a more rigid U.S. import regime is on the horizon. Any future changes to import processes might ultimately affect how your supply chain will function in the future.
If you haven’t done so recently, this is a good time to review your supply chain security, enroll in one of these programs (if you haven’t already) and increase your profile as a recognized secure trading partner.
We have professional consultants located in both Canada and the U.S. who can help you make sense of what’s happening with cross-border trade now, and can review and update your security processes to prepare for your trading future. 
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Information provided by: Canadian Customs Consulting Dept. - Cole International