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How will freight rates increase in 2024?

North American shippers and importers should expect freight rates to rise in 2024. A range of factors, from energy prices to geopolitical problems, will create disruptions to the freight industry throughout the year. Shippers across Canada and the U.S. should prepare to reduce the impact of projected freight price.

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How importers can simplify CBSA Customs audits and verification

Companies shipping items across the Canada-U.S. border will eventually face a Customs visit for an audit, also referred to as a verification. Accurate recordkeeping and a consistent compliance process will help your business stay prepared when a customs audit takes place.

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Participating Government Agencies (PGAs) and the Single Window Initiative (SWI)

Some Canadian importers are surprised to discover that their goods must comply with regulations from multiple government agencies - in addition to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Failure to do so can create significant delays and additional costs.

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