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Tech check-in: Is the future of shipping here yet?

Advances in technology continue at a rapid pace, steering us toward a future undreamt of by many. But most technological advances feature both a lot of hype and early setbacks. Where are we at with the latest tech and shipping trends?

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Press Release - June 19, 2023

Cole International Acquires Jones & Jones Customs Brokers & Trade Consultants

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Make qualification easier by considering your costs

Your manufacturing costs are greater than 50% of the total sales price of your manufactured goods. Do they automatically qualify for USMCA/CUSMA?

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Freight updates June 13, 2023: latest news and updates on the worldwide supply chain

The worldwide supply chain is constantly changing. As we continue dealing with the fallout of pandemic-related supply chain issues, fluctuations in prices, labour disruptions, logistic delays, and port congestion persist. We provide you with industry updates that include some of the latest freight news, helping to.

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Trade buzz: What is friendshoring? (And should you care right now?)

Over the past three years, we’ve been paying significant attention to supply chain processes across industries. From pandemic disruptions to an international war, businesses across all points of the supply chain are striving to mitigate further potential chaos. Beneath all the surface chaos, the entire nature of our.

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CARM reminder: approve your broker's access in the CCP

As you prepare for the second release of the Canada Border Service Agency’s Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) project, a reminder to ensure you approve your broker’s access to the CARM Client Portal (CCP).

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