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How climate change is affecting supply chains

At the end of April, 110 shipping companies signed a letter calling for mandatory slow-steaming to be adopted by the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) greenhouse gas (GHG) working group. The letter did not include the signatures of any container carriers, and has created quite a stir. There are ongoing debates over whether slow steaming would work for the container sector, especially when it comes to perishables, such as fruit.

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Logistics 101: Customs Basics

Entering the complex business of import and export can be intense and overwhelming. Our Logistics 101 series is a gentle introduction and an easy-to-follow guide through turbulent, ever-changing waters. We aren’t going to just toss you a compass and wish you luck; we’re in the boat with you, guiding you safely to shore. This series simplifies complex concepts, not just for the sake of it, but to empower you and your team.

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