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Importing a Vehicle from the U.S. into Canada

You’ve probably heard about – and you may even know – someone who’s found a great deal on a car in the U.S. and is now happily driving it on Canadian soil.
But what’s involved in importing, and how do you know whether the car you’re considering will be allowed across the border?
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The Importance of Correct Tariff Classification: Get it Right the First Time

Importers have an obligation to correctly classify their goods for tariff classification, and to understand the potential ramifications of incorrect tariff classification.
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Importing printed material? New potential opportunities!

We all know that different types of goods mean different rates of duty at the border. What’s not as intuitive is understanding the distinction between similar items and knowing what classification category an item belongs to for the purpose of assigning duty.
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Heads up! CBSA is serious about compliance.

We all know that an audit – or Trade Compliance Verification – by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is a looming possibility for anyone involved in cross-border trade. And recently it seems that audits are becoming more frequent.
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New Foreign Trade Zone – Windsor-Essex

Foreign trade zones (FTZ) are designated regions within a country where trade barriers such as tariffs are reduced or eliminated, and bureaucratic requirements are lowered for the purpose of attracting foreign investments and international business.
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Cole International Opens New Branch!

Cole International has opened a new U.S. office in Seattle, Washington.

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Laws and contracts in international trade

When you are focussed on the day-to-day operations of your business, the laws that underlie that business may not be front of mind. But, as you can probably appreciate, the legal aspect of international trade is not something you can afford to neglect.
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