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Duty exemption: Don't pay if you don't have to!

Paying duty on imported goods is a fact of life. Or is it?
You may already be aware of duty exemptions under Free Trade Agreements or Most Favoured Nation status among WTO countries, but duty breaks don't end there. There are actually more opportunities for duty exemption than many importers realize. Oftentimes, declaring the end-use of your imported goods will qualify goods that are normally dutiable for duty relief.
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Duty Drawback: A savings opportunity not to be missed

What is Duty Drawback?
It’s a CBSA program that offers relief to Canadian businesses from payment of duties on imported goods that that meet certain criteria. 
Duty Drawback is an incentive program for Canadian manufacturers who produce goods for export purposes using imported components. 
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Supply chain security – be part of the solution

Border agencies have been on high alert since the terrorist activities of September 11, 2001. The twin challenges they now face are to ensure security at the border whilecontinuing to enable the legitimate flow of people and goods, vital to the well being of businesses and the economy.
The Canadian and U.S. governments have each introduced a voluntary program in order to strengthen the international supply chain and improve border security.
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This one’s for importers: Know your customs responsibilities

Canadian customs laws and regulations are complex and ever-changing, and importers large and small appreciate the challenges inherent in navigating such a system.
Non-compliance with customs requirements carries a range of penalties, the severity of which varies with the nature of the infraction. And while the monetary penalties may not be catastrophic, the non-monetary impact to a company’s reputation can be damaging and long- lasting.
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