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Hanjin Bankruptcy – Update

It’s been less than a month since the announcement of shipping giant Hanjin’s bankruptcy and the shipping industry continues to struggle with pressures coming from a variety of sources in challenging global financial times.

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Honest Import Transaction Mistakes

  “I think I've found an error in my Canadian import transactions, and it's my fault.  What can I do?”   Human error is a fact of life and honest mistakes can happen. No matter the nature of your business or the size of your company – no one is immune to the possibility of a slip-up.

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Consolidation and Cross-docking: Two methods for improving shipping efficiency

  Consolidation and cross-docking are smart practices that all shippers should consider making use of to maximize efficiencies. When incorporated into your everyday shipping routines, they can both help lower costs and improve product flow.

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Chapter 5: Importing into the U.S. – Maximize your likelihood of success with U.S. Customs

  The most effective approach to ensuring a smooth U.S. Customs experience is to take proactive measures and remain fully informed. With proper planning and by tapping into expert advice as needed, your company will be less likely to face customs inquiries and scrutiny – and penalties.

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Shipping giant Hanjin files for bankruptcy – How does this affect me?

The global economic downturn of recent years has severely affected profits across the cargo shipping industry, with Hanjin Shipping Co. the most recent casualty.

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