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Why is delivery of my shipments so often late?

  (But was it really?)   On-time delivery of shipments to your customers is essential to the smooth operation of your business – not to mention maintaining the confidence and loyalty of your customers. Are you ever frustrated by late delivery of shipments? Let’s look at the reasons why your deliveries may not happen.

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How can I reduce the amount of damage my shipments incur?

  There's nothing quite so frustrating as inspecting a delivery and discovering shipping damages. While it's impossible to guarantee no damage at all from the shipping process, there are several things you can do to greatly reduce it.

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The Future of Canadian Trade Agreements: Why Canada is Seeking More Trade

  Why sign trade agreements with other nations? Canada has several trade agreements in effect that aim to give its companies an advantage over the U.S. and other countries. With a trade agreement in place, such as in Panama (where the U.S. does not), Canada receives more benefits in the shape of preferential access to.

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Now and Then: U.S. Customs Brokerage Associations

  As far as the evolution of the customs brokerage industry goes, what you don't know might just surprise you. Here are eight surprising facts about this service.

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