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8 Reasons To Choose A Freight Forwarder

When you’re moving a shipment, it may be tempting to go directly to a carrier rather than working with a freight forwarder. What added value does a forwarder bring? Here are eight great examples.

1. Old-fashioned customer service

An exceptional freight forwarder understands that it’s in their best interest to offer you clear communication, meet or exceed your expectations, and offer you enough transparency so you feel comfortable trusting them with your shipments.

2. Consistent communication

As a logistics service provider, your forwarder sends you detailed quotes and regular status updates. They’ll let you know which documents you’ll need to provide and when. They’ll quickly alert you of any problem, and just as quickly, work to resolve it.

3. Relationships with global agents

Freight forwarding takes a lot of coordinating. Airlines, ocean carriers, and especially customs agents, require correct, complete, and timely paperwork—and the rules and requirements are always changing. Experienced freight forwarders have established relationships with carriers, brokers, and border agencies. As their client, you benefit from longstanding rapport and working relationships.

4. Cost savings

Working with high volumes over the long term with carriers, freight forwarders are able to negotiate better or lower terms. Forwarders are also working with multiple clients and can group shipments together for cost savings.

5. Simplicity

When moving your cargo across the globe or even the country, you might deal with an air, sea, and road company start to finish. That’s 3 to 5 carrier contracts as opposed to just one with a freight forwarder.

6. Peace of mind

Rather than deal with all these moving parts yourself—which can often include customs brokerage as well as transportation—hiring an experienced forwarder takes all the tedious decisions and details out of your hands. An experienced forwarder takes on the tasks of vetting carriers, comparing prices, and negotiating services. You’ll have one vendor and one point of contact.

7. Problem-solving powerIdeas_28349182_s

When you’re up against a tight deadline or unforeseen obstacle, a freight forwarder is a great ally. Established forwarders have resources to handle unexpected circumstances like rerouted shipments or delays. For a freight forwarder, situations like this are just another day at the office.

8. Full-service solutions

Some freight forwarders work in tandem with customs brokers to provide you with door-to-door service. Learn more about the benefits of full-service freight forwarding here or contact our Freight department today.

With offices in the U.S. and Canada, and over 50 years of full-service freight forwarding experience, our logistics professionals can take the stress out of international shipping. Freight forwarding: it’s what we do.

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